Are 'missing' minerals affecting your menopause
and increasing symptoms?

Quickly discover your score on the Menopause Mineral Assessment and get an idea of which minerals could be out of balance and contributing to tiredness, low moods, brain fog, stubborn weight and much more!

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Discover which out-of-balance
minerals are contributing to YOUR symptoms

Find out which key minerals are directly impacting your low energy, stubborn weight and most other symptoms

Explore why YOUR

metabolism hasslowed down

to a snail's pace...

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About Vanessa

Hi, I'm The Menopause Specialist, a Certified and Registered Nutritional Therapist, and Founder of The ReVitalise Method.

I help women in their 40s and 50s take back control of their health and hormones so that they can look AND feel like their old selves again, without having to give up everything they love, follow restrictive, miserable diets or take meds they don't wish to take.

I hope you find the Mineral Assessment insightful, and I look forward to sharing the next step with you, to get you back on the road to feeling like yourself again!

Here's to Vibrant Menopause Health!

Vanessa O'Brien, Dip.NT NNA/FNTP

The Menopause Specialist

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